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Cybersex grows at alarming speed PDF Print E-mail
Oct 15, 2003 at 08:00 AM

by Annie Ruth C. Sabangan
from Manila Times

(Part III)

Cybersex ceases to be just a virtual intercourse between consenting individuals when the verbal and visual act becomes physical and involves payment, in cash or in kind. When that happens, cybersex becomes prostitution.

Underneath a great deal of sex talk in Pinoy chat rooms, some dialogues go beyond the usual sleaze.

“Joey’s” story was a classic example. He spent his class break in peddling himself to chatters in cybersex rooms, hoping he could catch someone willing to pay for real sex.

How many more are like Joey? No one could say yet. But there are many, for sure, who take advantage of the cyberworld. Perhaps tens, hundreds or even thousands of them belong to the five million young Filipinos who engage in pre-marital sex.

One Pinoy chat room at Yahoo!Messenger avoids any attempt at camouflage. Named “school girl’s sex for cash,” the room, when visited by The Times, had logs of a guy chatting with a girl for paid sex. “Can u do a show for us . . .? I will pay for the show “jeni” . . . tell me how much,” he wrote.

Visiting the Yahoo! groups program, meanwhile, will reveal that, there is a thin line separating pornography and prostitution. Just like other Internet programs, Yahoo!groups gets people connected via Internet. But in many Pinoy groups at Yahoo!, pornography and prostitution are intertwined, pornography is the appetizer and prostitution is the main course.

Getting into these pornography groups and prostitution sites at Yahoo! and beyond, is very easy. One need not do a rigorous search to get through all of them as they are linked to each other.

Open one site and that site will lead to other sites which, in turn, will guide you to more sites until you find yourself inside the many sex stalls of one big Internet flesh factory.

This is how The Times got to discover the abundance of Pinoy pornography groups and prostitution sites on the Internet.

“Pinoyswingers,” “abot_langit,” “binatangpinoy”

The Times found many of these sites by becoming a member of a Yahoo!group called “pinoyswingers.”

As its name suggests, “pinoyswingers,” which so far has 442 members, is a group of Filipinos who are into sex swinging, swapping and even merging.

Once you become a member of the group, by signing in your e-mail address on their site, you receive messages from other members of “pinoyswingers” who are either looking for sex swinging partners or wanting to join threesome and/or orgies.

Other groups and sites linked to “pinoyswingers” will also send you e-mail messages informing you about their interests, activities and services.

In just a month’s time, the e-mail address created for “pinoyswingers” had exceeded it’s four-megabyte mail storage limit. This, after the address was flooded by numerous messages, mostly with attachments of nude photos, some of which came from other pornography groups and prostitution sites linked to “pinoyswingers.”

One of these groups, also hosted by Yahoo!, is called “abot_langit.” This group, which is dedicated to “para sa lahat ng mahihilig” (to all those who are preoccupied with sex) so far has 3,980 members.

“Abot_langit” sent several messages to The Times’ e-mail address, advertising low rates for massage services (P300) done by young male masseurs. But it wasn’t clear if the fee is for the massage or for the kinky service that goes with it.

Naughty photos of the massage demo were attached to the messages. The masseur, in underwear, (with his crotch bulging) was shown rubbing the naked body of a hunk. Other photos of the masseur could also be downloaded, including close-ups of his awakened jewel enshrined in a shaved nest.

Apart from pictures, “abot_langit” offers pornographic photos of young women, some shown taking off their school uniforms.

Another Yahoo group is called “binatangpinoy” which caters to male homosexuals. It has 4,091 members so far. According to it’s founder, the site serves as a cyber support group to men “wanting (other) men,” “young boys getting confused (about their sexuality)” and “married men wanting a man’s ass.”

Inside “binatangpinoy,” one finds contact numbers of male masseurs and gays looking for sex partners and quickies. Photos of naked males with shaved nests are also plenty. “M2M” (male to male sex) VCDs are advertised for sale from P75 to P150 each., and much more

Also linked to the three Yahoo!groups is the site “” where one finds lots of information on the city’s adult-oriented life—KTVs, massage parlors and girls. “” also posts on its site the gatherings and activities of its members, called “EBs” (eye-balls). Last month, members of a group called “MTC Manyaks” held an “EB” or sex party at a health club in a hotel on Roxas Boulevard.

Meanwhile, shopping for prostitutes in the cities of Metro Manila is just a few clicks and drags away. Bar girls in Manila, Makati and along EDSA available for nightly encounters, especially with foreign patrons, can be found at the following sites:, www.young-filipina. com, and These sites have video teasers of prostitutes shown masturbating or being penetrated by their foreign clients.

Monthly fees at these prostitution sites are $21.95 through credit card and $24.95 through personal check while yearly membership costs $99.95.

In looking for more sites of Pinoy sex groups, The Times typed local words pertaining to sex at Yahoo!groups’ each engine and found out that local Internet flesh talk and flesh trade is growing at astounding speeds.

Typing the word “kantutan” at Yahoo!groups search engine, for instance, led to the discovery of at least 15 Pinoy Internet groups whose subject and interest are into—what else—but sex. These 15 groups have a total of 15,883 members as of the second week of October. Four of these groups that have the most number of members are: “yummypinays” 5,191 members, “malibogguys” 1,506 members, “Pordaboys ph” 1,999 members and “syota_kapatid_barkada_photos_the controversial” 1,054.

Even students who said they were from the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, Laguna, built a Yahoo!group website called “UPLB M2M Trippers” which so far has 15 members. The group says it is dedicated to “all UPLB straight or bi-male students who [are] willing to talk about kantutan [intercourse] and anything about it.” The site urged students: Don’t devote too much on studying, let’s talk about sex.”

Just like in other Internet groups, Pinoy sex group members at Yahoo! have interactive communication. They can either choose to chat (and thereby facilitate contact with prospective mates and/or clients), post advertisements, messages and pornographic photos, download, share or exchange these photos with each other or with other websites, write articles about their sexual interests and escapades and even conduct polls on various sex topics and issues.



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